In case you’re sick of cleaning your gutters and managing the fear of unavoidable clogs, we have an answer for you: The Leaf Doctor. So what is it and how can it work? The Leaf Doctor is a gutter guard system that defends your gutters. This smooth, low profile device appends flawlessly to your gutters to gather leaves, keeping them from clogging your gutters. Furthermore, with little openings at the base, The Leaf Doctor allows water to stream consistently. With Leaf Doctor, you’ll have clean, ideally working gutters that spare you time, cash and clogs!

Gutter Guards Stop Gutter Debris

As expressed previously, the Leaf Doctor is a small cover that attaches over your gutters to keep them from clogging. Little openings in the Leaf Doctor spread enable water to stream in while keeping leaves out. This makes a dual-action system that keeps rain water flowing while at the same time keeping clogs from leaves! Indeed, since leaves are isolated from water stream, they ordinarily dry out and are taken away.

Low Profile and Great Looking

Here at Gutter Doctor, we remember that while we need your gutters to do their job, you’d also like them to be attractive looking on your home. With their position of safety, smooth design The Leaf Doctor is practically imperceptible! No stresses of cumbersome devices swarming your home’s outside. Only a consistent, wonderful completion you can’t even see!

Less Clogs Means Longer Lasting Gutters

While gutters are intended to gather water, the Leaf Doctor Gutter Protection System takes out a ton of the yearly upkeep required when gutters are impeded with leaves. With the assistance of Leaf Doctor you can expand the life span of your gutters enormously! What’s more, spare yourself the issue of gutter-cleaning.

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