Leaf Guards Memphis, TN

Cleaning gutters can be a messy and sometimes dangerous job.  We can clean your gutters for the last time and install a leaf guard on your new or existing gutters that will prevent clogging and keep water flowing through your gutters and away from your house. We install the best Shurflo Leaf Guard Products at www.theshurflo.com.

Durable Gutter Guards

Prevent leaves and other materials from clogging your gutters with the help of Gutter Doctor in Brighton, Tennessee. We install quality gutter guards at an affordable price. We can install Shur flo leaf guards on your existing gutters or the new seamless gutters we install for you. We offer a tremendous discount if you have us install new gutters and leaf guards at the same time!

Trusted Brand

Shur Flo is one of the highest quality brands of gutter guards. Our business has had 100% success with their products. We install over 12,000 feet of Shur Flo each year. Shur Flo keeps leaves, pine needles and other debris from entering your gutters but allows the water to flow freely through.

Shur Flo cost about one third less than the “helmet” style gutter covers. We have found those covers to be very expensive, and their design allows leaves to actually blow into the opening that the water is supposed to enter. The companies that make them state that the homeowner should keep this opening clean by spraying it periodically with the water hose. Who has time for that? You may have gutters that are so high your water hose won’t reach them. Our customers have a worry free leaf protection system with Shur Flo.


To unclog your gutters, we remove water-blocking materials such as leaves or debris. Our clean out service includes minor repairs such as replacing missing or broken screws and hangers and caulking leaking corners and end caps. We can clean your gutters on a regular basis or clean them for the last time and install Shur Flo leaf guards. When we install Shur Flo your clean out is FREE.

Our Guarantee

Take advantage of our value-added services that have kept many homes and offices in the Mid-South area protected from damaging water. Our workmanship and materials are backed with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, the Gutter Doctor offers discounts for active and retired military, senior citizens, and churches on complete installations.

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